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Are you a futafan??  That’d be a fan of futanari porn, the porn that features drawn dickgirls with big boobs and hard cocks ready to fuck and suck you to climax!  If so then you’ve found heaven, or at least I’d like to think so since I have dedicated this site to finding you the newest and hottest futanari porn to jerk off to 😉  So check out more of the free pics and vids on this site, including these two new pics I found of some hot dickgirls wrapped up in tentacles:

futafan1.jpg futafan2.jpg

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Futanari Anime

Check out the big dick on this dickgirl posted at the blog Futanari Anime!  That dick is one of the most realistic i have seen on anime, I mean look at the hair and detail.  Of course she is hot with perky boobs and innocent anime face and even a ponytail blowing in the wind.  The blog doesn’t seem to be updated much but you might find something of interest there…

Hardcore toon dickgirls

These toon dickgirls are cute as hell, and as far as I can tell you can only find them on one site that is full of hardcore sexy futanari porn.  The nice thing that I like is it isn’t just one dickgirl posing in a boring scene but instead multiple dickgirls in realistic looking sex scenes that I can really get into.  Enjoy some free dickgirl smut now 😉

06.jpg 07.jpg 08.jpg

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FutaFan Dickgirls

Here is another new futanari site featuring hot dickgirls that I have found.  FutaFan is run by a guy that has been into toon and anime porn forever so I trust that the site is high quality (which you can see on the tour) and will satisfy your needs since he understands futanari enthusiasts. 


Dickgirl Bondage

Just found this site called Dickgirl Bondage, now I’m not making any assertions about the quality of the actual site the concept is very unique and I don’t think you will find any other site that combines dickgirls and bondage like this one has.  As an added incentive you do get access to a huge network of porn sites including a bunch of anime/toon/3d sites so that should keep you amused for many weeks 😉

Here is what they claim: Hentai Dickgirls in Bondage Training, 3D Shemales in Outdoor Bondage, Submissive Dickgirl Hookers, Slave Dickgirl serves her Shemale Mistress.


Dickgirl fucked by tentacles

Crazy dickgirl gets violated by many tentacles as they slide into her many holes and fuck her to orgasm.  This is one of many unique futanari sets at Trans Hentai that you would probably be interested in seeing more of. 

121.jpg 13.jpg 151.jpg

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Dickgirl threesome

What is hotter than three dickgirls nude and in hardcore action?  I don’t know and I’m not sure I could handle anything hotter, these three trans hentai are so hot and into the sex acts it is sure to get your excited too!

111.jpg 12.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg

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Two dickgirls suck and fucking guy

Wow this set is amazing featuring two very cute and innocent looking dickgirls suck and fuck a confused dude.  I love the style these dickgirls are drawn in, not your typical futanari porn but somehow more fun and sexy at the same time (at least for me). 

021.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg

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3d toon dickgirl with big cock

This is a new 3d dickgirl that I have found with big round innocent eyes that seem to peer into your soul and a huge cock that is hard as a rock!  Plus her big supple boobs and sexy face just get me all excited.  She is VERY realistic looking so if you are into the more japanese style of dickgirls then she might not be for you but I’d say at least check out these free dickgirl samples and if you like them visit the site I found them from because it has TONS of great 3d toons!

01.jpg 02.jpg 11.jpg

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