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Wow I’ll say it again, this site 3D Shemales has some of the hottest futanari type porn I have ever seen!  So realistic and KINKY I love this stuff.  This cute 3d shemale looks like a young teen but her HUGE cock makes me think she might be older… either way her innocet face and small perky boobs are so fucking inviting I just want to fuck and suck the shit out of her body!!  This set is so cool with the dickgirl restrained and a pumping machine milking her perky tits removing her milk it is so damn erotic!!!! 

05.jpg 09.jpg 15.jpg

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Two 3D Shemales jerking off

Here are two very cute perky 3D shemales jerking each other off, it’s a great set because they appear to be exploring each others tight young dickgirl bodies for the first time.  And that cumshot, damn the girl just explodes with white cum after her dickgirl friend strokes her hard cock for awhile.  After staring at these pictures for too long I think I’m most attracted to their cute hairstyles (pigtails really get me) and those perky boobies with the big eyes its all so innocent yet dirty, of course the HUGE cocks on them are impressive too ;)

01.jpg 032.jpg 161.jpg 11.jpg

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Anime babe fucked by futanari

Here’s a free vid clip I found of an anime babe getting hardcore fucked by a dickgirl with a big hard cock in this futanari movie!


Dickgirl pumped by machine

Here is some crazy futanari porn for you to enjoy!  This sexy young dickgirl with perky boobs and a hard cock is strapped into a chair and her cock is put into some sort of dick pump that sucks the cum right out of her dick!!!  You can actually see the machine filling up with her white cum as it pumps her cock, this is some extreme fantasy stuff here…  I love it and you know I’ll be looking for more like this but for now the only place I have found it is at 3DShemales

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Dickgirl secretary sex

Here’s something new for you, a futanari secretary having hardcore sex!  I love this full color drawn dickgirl porn, it’s so fucking awesome!!  These pics are from a site that I’ve come to really enjoy because it is updated with all new and exclusive dickgirl porn that is exciting, the fact that it’s all hardcore and combines my love of dickgirls with other fetishes I have is even better, like this set where the dickgirl is a secretary ;)

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Enchantae draws shemale porn comic

Enchantae as created an alternate universe with her drawn porn comic including lots of sex with various real and imaginary creatures including dickgirls that are queens and trolls that serve, enjoy the ongoing saga!

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Naughty dickgirl

I love this new site I found, InnocentDickgirls features all exclusively drawn futa porn in a comic book style that gives you great high quality futanari pictures along with an interesting story line to help your imagination.  If you like drawn futa dickgirls then this might be the site for you!  Check out the following storyline and see if you get ‘excited':

Christine was sunbathing at Bondi Beach. She put on her favorite yellow swimsuit, applied some tanning oil on her beautiful long legs and was ready to relax, but not today. There were so many seductive female bodies, bronze-tanned, sparkling on the sun, in revealing swimsuits. Christine pushed her dick into her own pussy to avoid attention, but among this paradise of sex, it became aroused and rock hard. There was no solution. Christine ran to the cabanas. One stunning blonde babe noticed that and decided to follow Christine to see what was happening. Watch what happened later


Punky teen futa girl

This is one cute looking futanari chick!  I absolutely love her dark red hair it looks so fucking sexy I just want to blow a load all over her face and hair… does that make me a perv?  I guess turn-around is fair play, with that big dick she is packing I’m sure she could spray a big load too!  I wonder if her perfectly shaped perky boobies have any milk in em, that’d be crazy!

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Animated drawn dickgirl

I found this animated image someone made of a drawn dickgirl jerking her cock and shooting cum.  I think this is great stuff I only wish I could find more of it!  Very cool how she strokes that big huge dick and the color added for affect in the cum and her face is awesome.


Freckled futanari girl

Check out this futa dickgirl I found covered in cute freckles and showing off her huge hard cock!  I really love freckles and her sexy see-through top that shows a hint of her boobies is pretty cool too.  This 3D shemale is going in my spank bank for sure with her long legs and those high heels that give the impression she might be a professional during the day just leaves me with all kinds of dirty thoughts ;)

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