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I love redheads and this busty dickgirl with a long hard cock is pretty fucking amazing!  She’s one of many futa-girls you will find at the new site Dickgirls3D.com which is quickly becoming one of my favorite futanari sites because it is filled with realistic 3D toon style dickgirls and updates regularly with new hotties and if I see one I really like I request more of her AND THEY DELIVER! 

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Damn I found a new dickgirl site called INNOCENT DICKGIRLS that has all EXCLUSIVE hand drawn futanari style comics for you to enjoy!  Here are a few small free sample pics and a link to a free gallery I found.  This is really high quality futa stuff that you can’t find anywhere else.  If you like the hand drawn type of porn then this is the site for you, the artist takes requests from members and updates a TON to give you lots of new and fresh innocent dickgirls to jerk off to!

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Cute and dangerous!  This sexy little 3d shemale with pigtails and small perky boobs looks innocent enough until you see that not only is she packing two big guns but a huge hard cock too!  It’s a triple threat, can you imagine running into her in the desert?  She could force you to do anything she wanted with those guns and you’d probably have to satisfy her every desire… wonder if you could handle satisfying that big dick of hers?!

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Two horny drunk girls awaken their 3d shemale roomate and experience a drunken threesome sex orgy in these free porn comic panels.  Watch as the girl dons a strapon and the shemale join forces to double penetrate a horny college girl for the first time.  This some amazing 3d shemale sex action!

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Gotta love 3D Shemales, the site delivers some of the most realistic and unique dickgirls I have ever seen.  Here is another free sample I managed to find of two 3d shemales with big dicks together and having fun, even ending with a big cumshot from one of the dickgirls 😉
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Dickgirls3D.com launched

I just talked to the guy that has just opened a new futanari 3d style dickgirl site called Dickgirls3D.com I posted a few samples awhile ago but now you can join with a visa cc so that makes it much easier for most of us!  If you are looking for something new check it out, from what I hear the guy is creating tons of new 3d dickgirls so it should update a lot and be good quality

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Check out this futa hentai cutie as she fucks this innocent shocked hentai girlie.  I love the facial expressions on the hentai girl as she see’s the futa cock and realizes she is going to be getting fucked hard!

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Here are some real drawn futanari style dickgirl pics I found from she or he.  If this is the style of toon shemales that you like then you need to check out the site for even more, this is the only place I have ever seen this specific style so visit now for more dickgirls!

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Wow this futanari girl has a huge cock and she sure knows how to use it!  Watch as she forces her cute friend to suck and fuck her dick and finally shoots her cum load all over, just a great fucking futa video for you to enjoy!

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I found a NEW 3D futanari dickgirl site!  www.Dickgirls3D.com you might have noticed the buttons on the sidebar, well I found some free pics finally showing a 3d tranny stripper from the site!  If you liked 3dshemales then this site should also interest you, similar style but they make all their own stuff so it’s exclusive and impossible to find except on the site!  They don’t take visa yet but I’m told that is coming very soon so check back if you can’t join right now…

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