3D Shemales

3D Shemales gives you just what it says, realistic 3D dickgirls!  They are so realistic you could imagine that they are real shemales… but then you see the huge hard cocks and the flawless skin and you realize they are toons ready to please you!  I love this site, the content is all new and you won’t find it anywhere else because the guy is creating it all himself and spends hours daily creating these dickgirls for your futanari fantasies.  You have to love his dedication, and he puts these dickgirls in cool looking scenes. 

The site has tons of content already but since it is new it will continue to add new stuff all the time and I imagine will be HUGE soon.  There are also animations of dickgirls if you are into that rather than just pics, so nice variety and like I said this stuff is all exclusive and unique to 3D Shemales site!

I suggest you check out this new futanari styled dickgirl site and see for yourself but here are some free samples first!

3dshemales-2.jpg 3d-shemales-3.jpg 3d-shemales-4.jpg 3d-shemales-5.jpg 3d-shemales-6.jpg


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Click to download full Version

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