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Not Futanari but still hot

Ok I know this isn’t futanari but what the hell these are some HOT TS vids that I thought some of you might enjoy.  Watch as this black shemale totally dominates this dude, slapping his ass, forcing her cock up his poophole,  and just basically forces herself on his virgin ass.  The great thing is these sample vids I found are just a tiny bit of a huge site filled with similar content of super hot shemales taking advantage of men.

Check out these free sample vids of this hot TS shemale

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While this isn’t toon content for a normal Shemale site it has great content and I think I will stay a member for a long time

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Futa wants sex at school

Futanari on school desk with legs spread wants guy to slide his cock deep in her tight hole.

More shemales of Hentai

Found some more free pics of shemales of hentai, pretty sweet eh?  Personally I love this first pic, hot shemale with huge cock IN PUBLIC with a straw in her own dick!  Amazing  To add to that the second pic with the shemale having an IV tube in her cock is also cool as hell, not sure what they would be pumping INTO her penis but whatever maybe its steroids to make it bigger?!

01.jpg 08.jpg

I know some of you guys like more of the real fantasy futanari girls so here you go:

031.jpg 05.jpg

That’s all for today but if you want to see where these came from for all the shemales of hentai!

Satan futanari double penetrated

Double fucked satan futanari taking dick in her ass and mouth while cum drips from her cock and her devil tail waves in the air.
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Futanari gets blowjob

This realistic looking dickgirl is getting an extreme blowjob from a sexy babe on her knees. Watch as she gags on the big futanari cock fucking her mouth!
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