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3D dickgirl shemale shoots her cum all over from her long hard cock… Yet another really hot dickgirl from 3DShemales I love this site which you guys have probably noticed by now, but I was just watching a few of the clips that are on there and they are so realistic I almost forgot they weren’t real!  But this specific dickgirl is cute as fuck with her pigtails, perky boobs and long cock and that cumshot… DAMN!

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FutaFan is all futanari dickgirl movies that you can download and watch on your computer!  The site has more dickgirls than I have seen anywhere else… I mean check out these free samples they gave me and tell me that the hard dickgirl cocks aren’t getting you excited 😉

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Wow, check out this petite blonde 3D dickgirl with her huge hard cock!  She even sprays her cum everywhere after jerking off, realistic as fuck.  This new 3Dshemale site is really impressing me with the quality and unique futanari dickgirls it is creating, I even talked to the owner the other day and he’s got all kinds of cool ideas and loves to create these unique dickgirls for his members!

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Watch this free vid I found of two hot futanari dickgirls fucking an anime chick in all her holes.  Damn good stuff here!


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Enjoy this free futanari sex pinup drawing from Dmitry featuring a futa nurse fucking secret agent Helix in a secret lab.  Look at the detail in this dickgirl porn, don’t just focus on the big drawn cock slamming into the pussy but enjoy their large breasts and the extreme detail then enlarge your focus and notice the closeup views on the computer monitors in the picture with shots of their sex organs and the two futanari kissing.  This is some impressive erotica artwork!  Enjoy and thank Dmitry by joining his site and supporting him.


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Wow so I finally found you guys some new futanari dickgirl porn and I think it’s worth the wait!!  Check out these free sample pics I got from the new site 3DShemales…  Very realistic dickgirls with huge dicks, lots of content that is all NEW and you won’t find it anywhere else trust me I looked.  This futanari styled site is awesome, that’s all I can really say.

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Damn, I bet you never thought you’d see a dickgirl secretary!  Well here you go, a big boob dickgirl at the office unleashes her big dick and fucks the shit out of a poor busty girl. 


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Well here is a sample pic I found from this new dickgirl site: DickgirlslikeUS  I haven’t joined yet so I can’t say how good it is but it is part of a huge network of other sites so I think it should have something for everyone to jerk off to, including lots of anime and cartoon porn.   Personally I like these types of deals where you get tons of content for one price and one login, if anyone gets access let me know what you think!

Anyhow here’s the dickgirl, pretty impressive cock on her and the tour has lots of futanari porn so should be good…


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I ran across these fantasy type dickgirls recently, not really sure how erotic they are but they make a nice addition to my collection… personally I think they are too goofy but maybe some of you geeks will want to use them as a screensaver or something?  Imagine that a dickgirl screensaver with one of these, if anyone does that you better send me a screencap!!

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Not sure where this animated dickgirl gif comes from or who made it but damn is it impressive.  Watch how the hard cock wiggles as she stands and the boobs move as she cups them!  Amazing stuff…