Fairy dickgirl?!

I know many of you guys like the 3D fairy porn, how about a fairy dickgirl?  This is a very unique set, I don’t know of any other futanari fairies but now that I have seen one I WANT MORE haha.  So cute and that hard cock as she’s flying around is cool as hell.

01.jpg 07.jpg 12.jpg

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Tomb Raider DICKGIRL

For all you geeks that love Lara Croft Tomb Raider and all the guys that like a chick that can take care of herself… here is a DICKGIRL tomb raider!!  Not quite Angelina Jolie Lara Croft but this dickgirl comes pretty damn close in my imagination.  I’ll let you guys make up your own minds but damn, a futanari shemale with a big cock and two ‘real’ guns just gets me all excited.

02.jpg 14.jpg 03.jpg

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Cute hentai futanari girl

This is probably one of the cutest dickgirls I have ever seen!  Wearing her pretty little pink hoodie and her big hard cock poking out wow great porn!  Watch in these free vids I found as she slides her hard cock and titty fucks another hentai girly 😉

futafan1.jpg futafan2.jpg

Dickgirl has a curved cock!

So I’ve noticed most futanari dickgirls have pretty standard long hard dicks that they wave about and fuck with but really who has a straight dick anyways??  Maybe that’s why I love this set so much, the cock on this dickgirl seems more realistic to me with the curve… though it’s size makes my own penis look tiny haha!

Then again I’m a sucker for freckles and this dickgirl certainly has the freckles to get me excited, and her perky boobies don’t hurt either 😉

05.jpg 09.jpg

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Futanari dickgirl with huge cock

This futanari style dickgirl has a HUGE cock and nice boobies too!  She takes her time fucking a busty anime girl with her tool in various positions.  Check out the free vid I found and lemme know what you thinkg!

futafan11.jpg futafan2.jpg

3D Dickgirl cumming

3D dickgirl shemale shoots her cum all over from her long hard cock… Yet another really hot dickgirl from 3DShemales I love this site which you guys have probably noticed by now, but I was just watching a few of the clips that are on there and they are so realistic I almost forgot they weren’t real!  But this specific dickgirl is cute as fuck with her pigtails, perky boobs and long cock and that cumshot… DAMN!

04.jpg 15.jpg 01.jpg

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Hard dickgirl cocks

FutaFan is all futanari dickgirl movies that you can download and watch on your computer!  The site has more dickgirls than I have seen anywhere else… I mean check out these free samples they gave me and tell me that the hard dickgirl cocks aren’t getting you excited 😉

hard-dickgirl.jpg cock.jpg

Petite dickgirl with huge cock

Wow, check out this petite blonde 3D dickgirl with her huge hard cock!  She even sprays her cum everywhere after jerking off, realistic as fuck.  This new 3Dshemale site is really impressing me with the quality and unique futanari dickgirls it is creating, I even talked to the owner the other day and he’s got all kinds of cool ideas and loves to create these unique dickgirls for his members!

06.jpg 12.jpg 08.jpg