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Wow so I finally found you guys some new futanari dickgirl porn and I think it’s worth the wait!!  Check out these free sample pics I got from the new site 3DShemales…  Very realistic dickgirls with huge dicks, lots of content that is all NEW and you won’t find it anywhere else trust me I looked.  This futanari styled site is awesome, that’s all I can really say.

3dshemales1.jpg 3dshemales-2.jpg

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Busty office dickgirl

Damn, I bet you never thought you’d see a dickgirl secretary!  Well here you go, a big boob dickgirl at the office unleashes her big dick and fucks the shit out of a poor busty girl. 


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Dickgirl with HUGE dick

Well here is a sample pic I found from this new dickgirl site: DickgirlslikeUS  I haven’t joined yet so I can’t say how good it is but it is part of a huge network of other sites so I think it should have something for everyone to jerk off to, including lots of anime and cartoon porn.   Personally I like these types of deals where you get tons of content for one price and one login, if anyone gets access let me know what you think!

Anyhow here’s the dickgirl, pretty impressive cock on her and the tour has lots of futanari porn so should be good…


Fantasy dickgirls

I ran across these fantasy type dickgirls recently, not really sure how erotic they are but they make a nice addition to my collection… personally I think they are too goofy but maybe some of you geeks will want to use them as a screensaver or something?  Imagine that a dickgirl screensaver with one of these, if anyone does that you better send me a screencap!!

16.jpg 07.jpg 15.jpg

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Animated dickgirl exposed

Not sure where this animated dickgirl gif comes from or who made it but damn is it impressive.  Watch how the hard cock wiggles as she stands and the boobs move as she cups them!  Amazing stuff…


Two dickgirls fucking

These two dickgirls look super hot to me and I guess they are at the beach… but who cares where they are, they are fucking!  Something about their feminine faces and sexy boobs that get me excited and of course their hard cocks and asspussies 😉

04.jpg dickgirldickgirlsex.jpg

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New dickgirls for the NEW YEAR!

Well Happy New Year, hope you all had a good celebration and this new year brings you even more joy than the last!  My resolution was to find MORE DICKGIRLS for you guys to enjoy, and as such here is cool DEMON dickgirl fucking a tight schoolgirl pussy in these FREE DICKGIRL VIDS!  Yep, stepping it up a bit and giving ya vids to check out and not just futanari pics 😉

1.jpg 2.jpg

Surprise DICKGIRL!

haha I love this animated GIF I just found, fun one to send to your friends to see if they like dickgirls or not 😉


Strapon toons

Not sure if these vids are actually dickgirls but at least one of the girls is wearing a strapon so that works for me.  The busty redheaded anime girl with the strapon caught my attention (i’m a sucker for redheads) and I thought I would share these free vids with you guys.


Marge Simpson DICKGIRL??!!

Marge Simpson has been exposed as a real dickgirl!  And it turns out Homer likes the penis too!  What a crazy world we live in, but damn does Marge look ripped and hot as fuck 😉