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Dickgirl dominates guy in porn comic

Here is a new illustrated adventure from SheBoy Comics featuring a realistic looking Futanari escort and an unsuspecting John.  The John ordered an ‘escort’ while he was on a business trip, asking for something ‘special’.  But when the hooker arrives he gets a bigger surprise then he expected from this special dickgirl whore.  The shemale ties him up and violates his virgin asshole with her sheman cock while he strains against the bindings in confusion and the anal stimulation actually gets him aroused!  This is some great dickgirl comics and if you enjoy this free sample check out more HERE

3D shemale cheerleader

April fools!  This hot 3d cheerleader is really a shemale with a big meaty cock swinging under her cheerleader uniforms skirt.  Imagine your surprise when she kicks her legs up high and that dick flies out!  I wouldn’t mind being fooled by this 3d shemale though, especially with her redish hair and sexy cheer uniform this is one tranny most guys would fall for.  I wonder if she is a top or bottom… on the pyramid!  Hope her bloomers can conceal her cock as she is cheering because being a shemale is no easy job I’d love to fuck her tight athletic butt though, gotta love 3d animated shemale porn!

Two 3d shemales fuck

Two realistic looking 3d shemales here sucking and jerking and finally fucking!  These two hot dickgirl 3d shemales both have colorful short hair looking like lesbians except when they are naked and aroused then their cocks show they really are futanari that are ready to fuck.  Here they are kissing and stroking each others dicks before kneeling and giving blowjobs finally ending in sex…

Flaccid to aroused dickgirl

Ever wanted to watch a 3d shemale go from flaccid cock to aroused dickgirl or wonder how long it takes?  Well here you go!  This cute topless blonde teen 3d shemale is wandering around with a limp dick hanging out from her short skirt just waiting for a breeze to get her horny again.  Of course with such a pretty face, big eyes and sexy blonde hair this hottie has guys chasing her around wanting to suck that dick.  Her cock grows quickly and springs up pushing her skirt as it pokes straight out from her tight futa body showing you that a dickgirl really is a horny slut and this 3d shemale is no exception!  See more hot 3d shemales…

Redhead 3d shemale

CGI or computer generated porn is really progressing it’s becoming hard to tell what is real and what is a fake 3d shemale but here you can pretty well tell this 3d futa slut can’t be real with such a big dick I mean it’d just be ‘hard’ to carry around!  But she’s a real sexy shemale if you ask me, I”m a sucker for redheads and her short pixie style haircut is exciting.  She’s wearing some weird stringy top that doesn’t really cover her 3d shemale boobs that are perky and suckable just like her big stiff dick!  This 3d dickgirl has some beautiful big eyes too that disarm you but don’t let her take advantage and fuck your ass with that cock it would probably hurt!  See more of her and many other 3d shemales

Busty futanari

Wow look at the big boobs on this futanari teen shemale!  At least I think she’s a teen with those big innocent eyes and sexy lip colored lip gloss but those huge tits let you know she’s old enough to fuck (or fuck you ha)!  This hot dickgirl looks built for sex long hard erect cock is standing at attention I wonder if it twitches when you play with her boobies?

Busty dickgirl
Busty teen dickgirl

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Dickgirl fucks guys ass

Check out this hot redhead futanari dickgirl as she fucks this 3d dudes ass hardcore!  This is some great cgi work with the futa dickgirl looking very realistic with her long hard cock and perky ‘natural’ tits though the guy does look a bit fake especially his hair but who really cares just focus on the dickgirl as she penetrates his ass with her futanari cock splitting his buttcheeks and using him for her sexual pleasure!

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Young Dickgirl

Check out this brand new realistic looking young toon dickgirl with her hard cock and perky small boobies posing nude.  Her cute pink hair is unique and makes her look young and sexy too.  If you like this realistic cgi style futanari porn check out 3DShemales for more!

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3D Shemale Hospital

Combining fetishes is fun!  Naughty dickgirl nurses at this fantasy hospital don’t inject you with medicine but instead fuck and suck your cock and inject you with a healthy dose of cum!  The best thing about futanari porn is the fantasy imo and this is a great fantasy website focusing on hospital/nurse fetish with the 3d dickgirls to deliver the ultimate medical fetish site I have ever seen.  Even if you don’t like nurses you will love these naughty toon dickgirls in the hardcore action at this hospital…

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Drunken Threesome 3d shemale comic porn

Two horny drunk girls awaken their 3d shemale roomate and experience a drunken threesome sex orgy in these free porn comic panels.  Watch as the girl dons a strapon and the shemale join forces to double penetrate a horny college girl for the first time.  This some amazing 3d shemale sex action!

See what else happens in this drunken shemale sex orgy