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Here is a new illustrated adventure from SheBoy Comics featuring a realistic looking Futanari escort and an unsuspecting John.  The John ordered an ‘escort’ while he was on a business trip, asking for something ‘special’.  But when the hooker arrives he gets a bigger surprise then he expected from this special dickgirl whore.  The shemale ties him up and violates his virgin asshole with her sheman cock while he strains against the bindings in confusion and the anal stimulation actually gets him aroused!  This is some great dickgirl comics and if you enjoy this free sample check out more HERE

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Even hardcore biker dudes like futanari dickgirls when the doors are shut and nobody can see their kinky side, or maybe any hole will work?  Either way this biker has his own personaly biker bitch that is really a shemale that he fucks hard.  First he slides his dick on her tits in a boob job action then he mounts her from behind on his motorcycle pounding his dick in her tight futa asshole and making this dickgirl say he is her daddy!  Kinky as hell this guy finally blows his load on her futanari ass letting the cum drip into her stretched shithole!  See more innocent dickgirls violated

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